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DriveTribe Weekly: Dogs In Cars, Breathtaking Roads, and a James Only Week

If there’s anything I like to do when I’m bored with nothing to do (which never happens when you have two toddlers trying to make you lose your mind), it’s hanging around on DriveTribe and checking out all the automotive related goodies that people post there. DriveTribe is essentially still in its infancy, but it has grown at a surprisingly fast pace and has become a treasure trove of auto news.

Every week we will be bringing you the best of DriveTribe; from our favorite posts by Jeremy, James, and Richard to a few hand picked Tribes for you to check out. So let’s find out what’s been on everyone’s mind this past week!

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Clarkson, Hammond & May Tribe Updates

This week on DriveTribe: Jeremy is still underground, and Richard, surprisingly, has apparently forgotten that he has a Tribe as well! Or maybe it’s because the hosts are up to something? Regardless, this week is the James week, as Captain Slow is the only one that took the time to post anything at all.

Popular Tribe Updates

One of the top Tribes, Tribe Nation, has changed to D_TRB VIDEOS & REVIEWS_! Also, check out five of the best roads in the US and an abomination of a Prius.

Up and Coming Tribe Updates

Check out some up and coming Tribes! This week, take a look at our furry friends traveling in style, an very colorful McLaren, and how to make a drift car.

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