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Driving Tests Resume, How Can New Drivers Prepare For Life On The Road?

After being put on hold since January due to the Covid pandemic, driving tests have finally resumed for drivers in various parts of the UK. Aspiring drivers will be thrilled by the news as they aim to get their hopes of passing, and the independence it brings.

So, what can new drivers do to prepare for this exciting transition in their lives? Here’s all you need to know.

Prepare For The Test

The BBC reports that driving test spots are hard to find right now. So, booking a test is one of the first things for any confident learner to do. Similarly, if you have been unable to take lessons during the past few months, it is important to get back out in the car. This will help you freshen and finetune your skills. Heading into the driving exam with a little anxiety caused by time away from the vehicle is not an option.

Nobody wants to waste money on a test that they won’t pass. Not least because waiting times to book a second shot may be a little longer than normal.

Find The Perfect First Car

Once you have passed your test, you’ll be desperate to drive a car of your own in no time. A first vehicle should be practical and comfortable. Whether buying a new or used vehicle, a car finance calculator will give you a clear insight of the true costs. At the same time, you should research the insurance costs. Otherwise, you could be left facing a very nasty surprise. Sadly, you won’t enjoy the vehicle if it leaves you skint.

There are plenty of articles out there to tell you what car might suit first-time drivers. Our advice is to know your budget, think about your needs, and book some test drives.

Think About Accessories

Finding the right model of vehicle gives you the perfect platform to build upon. Nonetheless, true success can only be achieved when the car is personalised to your driving preferences. Performance tweaks can make a significant difference. Checking out the best car accessories should inspire you. Meanwhile, changing the driving height can transform your experiences behind the wheel.

Seemingly small additions can have a huge influence on your future as a driver. Even as a first-time driver, giving this aspect the attention it deserves is key.

Plan Some Trips

Passing your driving test is a truly wonderful feeling that opens the door to a world of new adventures. In reality, though, most drivers fall into the trap of using it solely for work/college/daily errands. Once the initial excitement wears off, you will likely grow a little board. Planning some road trips, making sure to avoid speeding fines, will put an end to this problem. Better still, it’s a chance to reconnect with friends and family after the social restrictions.

Driving has the potential to change your life forever, but only if you let it. As long as you stick to journeys that make you feel comfortable, you can’t go far wrong.

Get the Legal Stuff Sorted

Once you have found a car, thought about accessories and planned some trips, it’s time to organise all the legal stuff and get that sorted before you drive anywhere. Getting a car in your name (or at least the parents’ name if it is a teen’s first car) will save plenty of trouble if you are stopped. You will also need to find the best quote for car insurance online to ensure you do not drive illegally. The penalties for driving without insurance ranges from a £300 fine and six points on your license to an unlimited fine and even disqualification from driving, so it cannot be stressed how crucial insurance is for all drivers.

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