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Drunkard Drives Soviet Tank Through Small Polish Town

Last week, a tank piloted by a drunk man rumbled through a small Polish town in a tank – specifically, a 36 tonne T-55 from the 1950s. The tank was driven through the streets of Pajęczno at around 10pm Thursday night.

Straight away, the police were called by frightened locals who spotted the monster crawling through their streets. When they arrived, the tank simply pulled up on a central street, and at the helm was a 49-year old man who had actually been given permission to move the tank. According to Twoje Pajęczno, the tank was owned by the Polish military, who asked the driver to move it between two transportation trailers. As you can see from the photos, it’s quite clear that he got side tracked.

When the police caught up with the driver, things got even worse. He was found to be uninsured and shouldn’t have been driving the tank whatsoever, let alone around the public highway. On top of this, once the driver was detained, the authorities couldn’t move the tank until 5am the next day, when a former soldier who knew how to drive the tank was able to load it only a tow truck.

While the drunk driver of the tank didn’t cause any damage, he could have easily injured someone and because of this, will be expecting a minimum of 2 years in prison. if he’s charged with creating “direct danger of a catastrophe in land, water or air traffic”, he could see up to another 6 years on top of that.


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