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Jeremy Clarkson Starts Filming For His New Solo Farming Show

It’s no secret that Jeremy Clarkson is more than happy to share his strong opinions over the interwebs via Twitter. On that platform he has over 7 million followers and is able to make quite a commotion with single tweets. The latest example was his tweet on an accident in London… it didn’t go overly well. Read the full story here.

Instagram is Clarkson‘s other secret weapon where he’s accumulated over 2 million followers, and here he’s let us in on some behind the scenes. We expect it to be the beginning of filming for The Grand Tour Season 4, but looking at the photo, it’s a possibility that this could be filming for his new Amazon show which focusses on farming. As you can see, the stone in the background looks to be Cotswold stone, which is used (surprise surprise) in the Cotswolds, UK. If you didn’t know, this is also where Clarkson lives, which pushes us to think that this is the filming for the aforementioned farming show.

Both shows are expected to be released on Amazon Prime later this year, but exact release dates are yet to be confirmed.

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