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Fisker Teases Hardcore Milspec EV Offroader


Everyone’s second favourite quirky Electric vehicle CEO and serial tweet-teaser, Henrik Fisker, recently posted a couple of exciting images of a new spec’d up Ocean SUV. Although the exhaustless backend is all that we can really see in the first image, the attached shovel, beefy tires, and overhead rack really send a clear message, “no road required.”

According to Fisker himself, this model, dubbed the RESCUE package, is intended for military and rural emergency response units. The 300-mile range, under 3 sec 0-60, $37k price tag, and 4WD features were already very appealing, but I could see this beefy machismo model really carving out a niche of its own.

In this unveiling, Fisker hinted at an innovative location for the spare tire, which couldn’t fit on the rear or under-trunk compartment of the AWD SUV. Later, he tweeted a follow-up view from above, which showed the tire strapped to an indention on the hood. There was nothing mentioned of the American flag decal on the roof, or whether it will ship standard.

Personally, I’ve known many practicality-obsessed Subaru owners that live in environments where both tree-hugging and winter driving drive all the car sales. Maybe this version of the Fisker Ocean will pull them way from Subaru like all the EVs before simply could not.

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