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Check Out Bentley’s Flying Spur Diamond Knurled Removable Touchscreen


We’ve all been there, you’re just trying to relax in the back seat of your new Bentley; the sounds of the city commute drowned away by the 18 speakers of your 2200W Naim audio system. When all of a sudden, your mood shifts, and the new Lizzo album no longer tickles your fancy…also the aircon could be 1° colder. Should you tell your chauffeur, so that he can make the adjustments? It would be easier than leaning forward and adjusting them yourself. Wait! The new Flying Spur has a removable touch screen remote for just this purpose!

While other manufactures resort to a somewhat low-class, bring-your-own touchscreen, solution of downloadable apps, Bentley has gone the extra mile. Their proudly handcrafted cabin allows you to control everything from a polished metal remote, which has been finished with diamond knurling. The beautiful gadget holds in place to the rear console via magnets.


The device features a four-core processor, 1GB of RAM, three-axis accelerometers, and a 3200mAh battery. The simple interface allows users to control every aspect of absolute luxury their ride affords them:

  • 14-way adjustable backrest and cushion
  • Six-setting seat heating and ventilation, with ionisers for air purity
  • Five massage functions and armrest heating
  • Cabin lighting, with mood lighting customizable presets
  • Glass-to-glass panoramic sunroof and windows (as well as their shades)
  • Full multimedia “arsenal”

Passengers can also access driver information, such as speed, route information, and outside temperature. Perhaps the most amazing feature of this sweet piece of kit, however, the option to retract and produce the Flying B hood ornament at the press of a finger.

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