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Ford F-150 Lightning Revealed With A Speech From President Biden

The Ford F-150 Lightning has been lurking in the dark for a while now with rumours of it being an EV swirling around social sites. Thankfully, not long ago, Ford confirmed these rumours that the sports truck will indeed be an all-electric vehicle, and will be a striking example of innovation from the Ford Motor Company. Now, the truck has been mostly revealed, and President Biden was one of the first to get behind the wheel.

While at the Ford plant, Biden gave a speech in front of a prototype F-150 Lightning that wasn’t shrouded at all by camouflage. We can now see not only the memorable shape of the headlights but also a light bar running across the width of the car, similarly to the Tesla Cybertruck. The black grille at the front of the car is completely blocked off, but what’s remaining of the front bumper design after those changes looks mostly the same as the existing ICE F-150.

A number of videos on Twitter have now popped up on Twitter showing Biden actually getting behind the wheel of the truck and giving it a test drive on an open patch or tarmac.

The president, known to enjoy a car or two, parked near the reporters, telling that “this sucker is quick”, and hinting at a possible 0-60mph time of mid 4 seconds before putting his foot down. As you’d expect, it makes little sound and is rather perky like the majority of electric vehicles.

You can hear Biden’s speech below:

The official performance stats for the new F-150 Lightning are currently unknown, but the car will be officially released later today. You can watch the reveal live by clicking below:

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