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George Russell Advocates for Monza Track Modifications Following Italian GP Incident

After receiving a penalty during the Italian Grand Prix, Mercedes’ George Russell has suggested significant changes to the Monza circuit. His call comes in the wake of a controversial incident involving a run-off area at the Rettifilo chicane.

Key Takeaways:

  • George Russell, the Mercedes F1 driver, was penalized during the Italian Grand Prix for not yielding a position after running off the track at Monza’s Rettifilo chicane. This incident sparked his call for changes to the track.
  • Russell referred to the run-off areas at Monza as “get out of jail free cards,” proposing their removal to prevent drivers from exploiting them. He shared his perspective in an interview, detailing his decision-making during the race.
  • Despite the setback, Russell managed to maintain his fifth-place finish in the race, currently holding seventh in the driver standings with 109 points. His teammate, Lewis Hamilton, is in fourth place with 164 points.

George Russell, the dynamic Mercedes Formula 1 driver, has put forth a bold suggestion for modifications to the historic Monza circuit. This comes after a contentious moment in the recent Italian Grand Prix, where he incurred a five-second penalty. The penalty was the result of an on-track skirmish with Red Bull’s Sergio Perez, where Russell ran off at the Rettifilo chicane but didn’t concede his position to Perez.

The incident has ignited a debate within the F1 community, with Russell at its center. The British driver’s proposal focuses on the removal of the run-off areas at Monza, which he believes tempt drivers to take undue risks. In his own words during an interview with, Russell explained the situation: “I knew there had to be a maximized out-lap. I came out the pits next to Ocon and I knew if I fell behind him my chance to undercut the guys ahead would disappear. I went in very hot into Turn 1 knowing there was a bit of a risk to miss the corner and that’s what happened. But in Monza, it’s a bit of a shame because it’s always a bit of a ‘get out of jail free card’ with the run-off there and that gives drivers, especially when you’re fighting, the chance to miss the corner. So I’d probably like to see a bit of a change in that corner in the future.”

Russell’s argument highlights a critical aspect of modern F1 racing – the balance between safety and fairness. Run-off areas are designed to enhance driver safety but can be perceived as providing an unfair advantage in certain racing situations.

The aftermath of the penalty didn’t significantly affect Russell’s race outcome. He successfully maintained his fifth-place position by building a gap to his teammate, seven-time champion Lewis Hamilton. This performance underscores his skill and determination as a competitor in the F1 series. Currently, Russell holds seventh place in the drivers’ standings with 109 points, while Hamilton is fourth with 164 points.

Russell’s call for change at Monza adds another layer to the ongoing discourse about track design and driver strategy in Formula 1, a sport continually evolving with technology and driver expertise.

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