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Here’s What The Insides Of A Rocker Cover And Oil Sump Look Like On A Driving Car

I think the majority of us on this site have, at some point, drained the oil from a car. When you replace the sump plug and fill your engine back up with oil, do you ever wonder what it actually looks like? Well, one of our favourite YouTube channels, Garage 54, has wondered exactly this, so they’ve built a transparent rocker cover and oil sump for our own entertainment.

The transparent pieces were made out of plexiglass, which was moulded into the same shape as the rocker cover and sump. The bottom of the original rocker cover was bonded to the plexiglass shape to ensure that there wouldn’t be any leaks, but the oil sump is entirely made from the mould and was secured using windscreen sealer.

With the new sump now attached and a bit of oil poured in, you can see a lot of the inside of the engine. And with the engine running, you can see where the oil is draining from. It’s even more incredible to watch how the oil is distributed under the rocker cover, with the chain throwing the oil up and over the components.

After watching the way the oil distributes itself and being completely blown away by the magic of it, the YouTubers plan to tear down the engine to clean it up after using it on low oil for the video. I love Russia.

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