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Jeremy Clarkson Explains How He Started Farming For New Amazon Prime Show

Jeremy Clarkson has revealed in an interview with our friends over at Grand Tour Fans how he came about buying the farm he’s now using for his new show on Amazon Prime Video.

“Well, it was 2008 actually. and the previous owner – well, we can all remember what happened in 2008, the world went a bit potty” he says, referring to the recession.

“And so the farm fame up for sale at a reasonable price, and I thought ‘well, I should buy that,’ and then did.”

He explains that nothing happened for a long time after that, as the company that was farming the land carried on doing so.

“I didn’t really pay much attention until last year when the guy said, ‘well, I’m going to stop farming’ and I thought, ‘how hard can it be’?

“you just put seeds in the ground, and then weather happens and you get food!

“So that’s easy, I’ll do it.”

He then describes the challenges he faced, explaining that he didn’t have an easy first year in an industry he knows very little about.

“So we started on what was the wettest planting season in history.

And then there was Brexit, and then there was COVID, and then we had the driest Spring in history…

“So it’s been a pretty good year to be thrown in at the deep end.”


The Grand Tour presenter admits that he didn’t, and still doesn’t know anything about farming, even in September when he and his team began filming for his show, I Bought The Farm.

“I’m completely clueless,” he ends.

This new farming show is expected to be released this year on Amazon Prime Video, with Clarkson previously stating it would be coming in June. This is yet to be confirmed.


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