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Horacio Pagani Shows Off Impressive Collection With His #StayInYourGarage Initiative

Pagani has chimed in on the global ‘Stay At Home, Save Lives’ initiative, with their very own ‘Stay In Your Garage’ movement which is being tracked by the hashtag #StayInYourGarage. The ‘Stay In Your Garage’ operation is designed for automotive fans of all backgrounds (not just Pagani owners) to share videos of the vehicles that make them happy – it could be your old faithful or your posh hypercar, it doesn’t matter – Pagani wants to celebrate the happiness that cars of all makes and models can bring us.

In case you are unsure of how to produce one of these videos, don’t worry – as Pagani founder Horacio Pagani has shown us how it’s done with his rather incredible and quite frankly extensive personal garage.

Horacio was born in Argentina which is where his passion for cars and engineering began – this then led him to move to Europe where he started his career at Renault and then moved onto Lamborghini. His story is somewhat of a famous one with Horacio starting out at Lamborghini sweeping the floors and ending his career there as the chief engineer – something which we believe is testament to his skill, drive and passion for the industry. Pagani ended up leaving Lamborghini over a disagreement with fellow Lambo top hats over investments into carbon fibre components – which led him to take his next step towards his Pagani hypercars in the form of starting his first company known as Modena Design. Modena Design focussed on engineering carbon fibre car parts specifically for Formula 1, after the huge success of the design firm, Pagani went onto start his own car firm – and well, the rest is history.

If Horacio Pagani had to name one car where his passion began, it would definitely be the E-Type Jaguar. In the video Pagani talks at length about how and why this iconic car excites him so much – so much so, that he barely even acknowledges his priceless Huayra BC Roadstar.

If you are, like us, interested in featuring on Pagani’s YouTube channel, you best get in your garage and get talking about your beloved motor. Stay Safe and #StayInYourGarage.

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