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The new Shelby GT500 Will Make 760bhp With New GT4 Aero Trickery

In what seems like years since we first saw the 2020 Mustang GT500, Ford have finally announced what it’s packing under the hood. And man is it special.


Designed to be put to the test against the Dodge Challenger Hellcat and Chevrolet Camaro ZL, Ford has come out swinging with the latest GT500. A near 100hp bump from the last generation of GT500 with 662hp sees this latest model yield a mighty 760hp. Add to that a total of 625 lbft of torque, and you can see how the GT500 can do a claimed sub 11 quarter mile. Because of this new power output – thanks to the 5.2-litre v8 and 2.65-litre Roots-type supercharger – Ford claims this engine is the most power-dense supercharged power-plant in the world.

But power is not the only thing that has been updated since the last time the GT500 badge ruled the road. The backend now has a fully independent rear suspension – yes we know independent rear suspension is not new to the mustang per say, but since the last GT500 it’s all new. And what’s going to stop this missile when it hits the end of a straight? The largest brakes brake calipers fitted to an american sports coupe, that’s what.

New also is the transmission. As of right now, the only option is a 7-speed flappy paddle gearbox. This may anger some, but look to the Challenger Hellcat and you will see why: the automatic was much faster to 60mph and down the quarter mile. With this new tranny the GT500 can change gears in 100 milliseconds, faster than the blink of an eye.

Additionally the new GT500 comes with some areo trickery. GT500s of the past did not worry all that much about turning, their main goal was the quarter mile. This is not the case any more.  With its areo package, the Mustang is putting down 550lbs of downforce, more than the GT350 or any other Mustang for that matter. Some of the downforce comes directly from the rear wing, which was pulled directly off the mustang GT4 race car, but the rest comes from the new front splitter hood vents and overall sculpting of the car.

While we’re on the topic of the areo package, Ford did something truly special with this mustang to get the downforce just right: 3D printing, yeah seriously. Along with computer simulations, Ford was able to condense what is usually a two year process down to just an astonishing six months. And with the help of a Mustang GT350 as a test car, they could bolt the parts on test it and tweak it right away.

Now, we still dont know how much the GT500 costs, and comparisons against competitors won’t begin until the Fall, but it’s safe to say the Ford Shelby GT500 is going to live up to its name.


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