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iPhone Siri Feature Will Keep You Safe If The Police Pull You Over

With the recent spate of incidents across the USA and now globally, police practices are becoming scrutinised worldwide. These practices are no longer a case of ‘my word against yours’ with nearly everyone having a HD camera in their pocket to record these incidents and hold any instances of police brutality to account. Now, thanks to an iPhone Siri feature, this could become even easier for those of you out there worried about what might happen if you are pulled over while in your car.

The Siri shortcut, known simply as ‘I’m Getting Pulled Over’, is available for all iPhone users and is activated when the user says “Hey Siri, I’m being pulled over’. When Siri hears this phrase, it’ll do a number of things, firstly the device will pause any music being played and turn down the brightness and volume of the phone.. It’ll then turn on ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode while simultaneously sending a message to a contact of your choice stating that you have been pulled over with your location.

Sounds like this could be pretty useful right? Well it doesn’t end there as it will also open up the front facing camera and start recording video. When the user chooses to stop the recording, the video footage is then sent to the contact you chose and the devices brightness and volume are restored. The feature will then give you the option of sending the footage to iCloud or Dropbox.

While the shortcut isn’t a native Apple feature, it was created by Redditor Robert Petersen all the way back in 2018 (feels like an age ago now doesn’t it?), as you can imagine the feature has increased in popularity massively in recent months.

Petersen was interviewed by KCTV about the feature back in 2019 and said:

“I just wanted a way for anyone to have proof of their version of events in the unlikely scenario that something unexpected happens during a police interaction. And if 1 in 10,000 people find my shortcut useful at all I’d be glad.”

The process of getting the ‘I’m Getting Pulled Over Feature’ installed on your iPhone is relatively simple. First and foremost you’ll need to head into your iPhone’s settings, then click on ‘Shortcuts’ and toggle the ‘Allow Untrusted Shortcuts’ feature to on. Then all you’ll need to do is download the ‘I’m Getting Pulled Over‘ shortcut, then opening it and tapping ‘Add Untrusted Shortcut’. Then you’ll be all set, hopefully you will never have to use it but it’ll always be available for peace of mind.

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