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Jaguar Reveals Their 1,020BHP Vision GT Coupe EV

It’s no secret that Jaguar really knows how to make a good looking car. The F-Type is still winning me over every time I drive past one, and the i-Pace could possibly be the best looking EV on the market at the moment. The British company just has a way with lines, mixing soft curves with hard aggressive lines.

Jaguar Reveas Their 1,020BHP Vision GT Coupe EV

I think they may have just outdone themselves this time with the new Vision GT Coupe. Just like the F-Type is has a long bonnet, muscled hips and swooping edges, maximising that pleasing tear drop tail. It really is a looker, and anyone with a few hundred quid will get the chance to drive it as much as they could possibly want… on Grand Turismo.

Jaguar Reveas Their 1,020BHP Vision GT Coupe EV

Unfortunately, this car is only a concept and only drivable through the medium of pixels and a controller. But Jaguar have still delved deep into reality to bring you a realistic specification.

It’s all-electric, producing 1,020bhp from a trio of electric motors giving it the urgency to reach 60mph in just 2 seconds with it carrying on to 200mph. And where it will be silent, Jaguar has given it the soundtrack of a “race-spec 3.8-litre XK”, which “provides a unique layer, manipulated and woven into a futuristic and distinctive electric soundtrack.” Its chassis is made from carbon fibre and aluminium alloys and because of this only weight 1400kg.

Jaguar Reveas Their 1,020BHP Vision GT Coupe EV

Its interior is epically futuristic, with a Halo-like Cortana hologram being emitted on the dash. It’s apparently inspired by an old Le Mans car, but I really can’t see the connection. It’s inside the reality of this breaks down a little. “The augmented reality digital side glass for enhanced vision either side of the car; the glass being able to highlight danger and obstacles, therefore increasing driver perception.” That doesn’t sound real to me, but there have been many cars that have been spawned from a Vision Concept. See the Chiron for example.

Jaguar Reveas Their 1,020BHP Vision GT Coupe EV

The Vision GT Coupe will be available from November 2019. We’re just wondering whether you have to charge it.

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