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Richard Hammond Reunites With The Stig In Recent Video

In a recent video on DriveTribe, Richard Hammond travels to Poland where he is attending the Warsaw Motor Show and vlogging about the event. But when he gets there, he’s reunited with a familiar face.

I say a familiar face… Many of you may not recognise the man who sticks with Hammond throughout the show, as it’s usually hidden behind a white racing helmet, but of course, it’s Ben Collins, aka, The Stig. Hammond pokes fun at him throughout the day, telling the camera that he doesn’t know who he is.

“I’m still trying to work out who this guy is, I don’t know. All I do know is, he can’t drive,” Hammond jokes, obviously referring to The Stig’s famous introductions back during Top Gear which were actually written by the Top Gear script editor, Richard Porter.

Anyway, the video is rather lacking in content elsewhere. He takes part in a virtual reality race against Collins (which we don’t see), and is on stage multiple times doing Q&As and being generally funny. That’s what we’re led to believe anyway, as we don’t see any of it. He also spots the new Defender… briefly.. and a roof tent on a Volvo.

It’s a strangely empty video, but it’s aways nice to see Hammond onscreen. What’s the next car show you’re going to?


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