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Man Born Blind Immediately Buys Corvette When His Sight Is Cured

A man from Alberta immediately chose to buy his dream car after an experimental procedure to cure his blindness actually succeeded in allowing him to see for the first time in his life.

Mike Schickerowski was born with a disease called Nystagmus, meaning he was declared legally blind from birth. Obviously, this has stopped him from driving anything, but especially the V8-powered Corvette from Chevrolet.

“It basically involves involuntary movement of your eyes,” Schickerowski explained to the news outlet.

“If you’ve ever taken a photo with your camera and moved it slightly or the object moved and it’s a blur, it’s the exact same symptoms. My brain would never interpret the image as a steady picture — it was always a blur.”

For 44 years Schickerowski coped with his lack of sight, but in 2018 he signed up for an experimental procedure in California that was said to correct his vision. Incredibly, the procedure worked, so to celebrate this amazing feat, the first thing he did was buy the car he’d always wanted. He came home with a bright yellow C7 Chevrolet Corvette.

“Some people said, ‘Oh, it’s Alberta, you need a truck,’ and, sure, I like trucks – they’re nice – but everybody’s got a truck,” Schickerowski said.

In fact, Schickerowski was so quick to sign for the car, once he’d bought it he had to rush out and get his license, which was a walk in the park for someone with such a passion for getting in and driving his new car. Here’s to many glorious years on the road!

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