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Jay Leno Crashes Into Police Car As He Returns To TV Work After Severe Burns

Jay Leno has made a rocky return to the spotlight after he was recently hospitalised when he suffered from burns to his face.

The TV presenter and major car enthusiast was working on one of his many cars, a 1907 White Steam car, when a spark flew into some nearby gasoline causing a fire in his Burbank garage. The flames severely burnt his face and he has been recovering in hospital until recently. Leno has now thankfully recovered and was making his way to his first job back when he collided with a police car, twice.

Videos have emerged of the incident where Leno was trying to park his Tesla and scrapes past a police Jeep twice. Luckily, there does not seem to be much damage to either vehicle at all.

It looks as though, from the video posted, that Leno turns into the curb just a little bit too early when he scrapes the police car. Leno noticed pretty much straight away so adjusts himself and tries again when the same thing happens. Many fans in the comments were of the belief that the multiple paparazzi taking photos can’t have made the situation any easier.

The police seemed fairly unbothered by the situation, which could have just been the tyres having contact hense the little damage, as they let Leno carry on into the comedy club after a very short conversation.

Despite his recent hospitalisation, Leno was already joking about the matter. When asked what he was going in to film, he responded:

“We’ve got two shows here tonight, a regular and extra crispy.”

He also commented saying he didn’t see himself ever being “a roast comic.” Playing down his hospital visit, he explained:

“I got burned, I was in the hospital for a few days, and now I’m back out working again. People do this every day.”

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