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Koenigsegg Confirms It Still Holds The Top Speed World Record

News swept through the motoring channels very quickly of a new manufacturer and car at the top of the top speed record holders list. It was SSC with its very tasty looking Tuatara, and according to the company, the car hit 331.15mph in one direction, with an average speed of 316.11mph. This beat Koenigsegg’s verified average record which stood at 278mph. The poignant word there is verified.

The SSC Tuatara run has now been shrouded in controversy as evidence of a verified top speed breaks down, and now Koenigsegg as taken to its social sites celebrating three years since their top speed record run.

“It’s been three years but we remember it like it was yesterday,” the post starts. “The fastidious toil and incredible guts that went into the making of the top speed record of the world’s fastest production car with the Agera RS. Here’s celebrating the title a third year running and to an even more exciting road ahead!”

It’s no surprise that the Swedish company is still regarding their record as being unbeaten, with SSC forced into a second attempt with more verifiable measuring equipment. You can read about that drama by clicking here.

Koenigsegg isn’t finished here, though. Its new model, named Jesko Absolut after CEO Christian Von Koenigsegg’s father, is hyped to be a 330mph capable car, and one that will more than happily scoop yet another record run for the supercar company, according to its maker.

Only time will tell as SSC plans its next straight line exploits and Koenigsegg readies its Jesko. Things are about to get messy.

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