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Lamborghini Leaks New Lamborghini Sian Before Official Reveal

It’s here, Lamborghini’s first step into the world of hypercars, the Lamborghini Sian. Images of the car were initially leaked only to those who had the Unica app, but as of today, the Italian company has released the information globally.

This design has taken hints from the Lamborghini concept car, the Millennio, and mixed it with both the Aventador and Huracan to produce a chassis that looks much shorter than previous cars.It has Y-shaped daytime LED daytime running lights, and what looks to be an active rear wing on the rear deck. Here you can see ’63’ scribed onto the wing\s endplates.

Lamborghini Leaks New Lamborghini Sian Before Official Reveal

Details are unknown regarding its powertrain, but judging from the air intakes on the side of the car, I would guess that a mild hybrid powertrain is in use.

More information will be coming tomorrow, so keep your eyes peeled on the GTN website for more as it comes.

Alex Harrington

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