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Latest Toyota Supra Rumour Says It Will Come In Manual – Daily Update

New and upcoming cars are flooding our newsfeeds lately, but thankfully we’ve had some good news about one – the Supra. Another new car, the BMW M5 has also been making some headlines with its supercar thrashing performance. Not every BMW will be driven to the best of its ability however, as we encounter on YouTube shown below. Then finally, let’s take a look back at the fun Renault had with an Espace.

Latest Toyota Supra Rumour Says It Will Come In Manual

Good news to all those who are wanting the Supra to remain close to its roots and holding on to its manual gearbox. According to a Toyota insider, it has been confirmed that the Supra, which will be arriving in 2019, will have a manual gearbox and a turbocharged V6 producing ‘north of 400 horsepower’. We can all now draw a sigh of relief!

Which Supercars Are Slower Than The BMW M5?

With this latest M5 being the fastest ever, it’s now putting a few of the greatest names in the industry to shame. With a 0-62 of a ridiculous 3.5 seconds, it’s now nippier than a Pagani Zonda F, a Lamborghini Reventon, the new Audi R8 V10, and a Ferrari F50. Never thought I’d see the day where a BMW could outrun a Pagani. What’s the world coming to?

BMW Driver Makes A Fool Of Herself

A BMW driver being involved in some form of road rage isn’t a rare occasion. In the video above, a woman driving her 1 Series thought it was necessary to tell a lorry driver that he was doing something wrong. What he was doing wrong I’m not sure, but she was obviously in such a rush that she was able to get out her car and gave him two fingers. Makes you wonder how some people got their license.

This Renault Espace Is As Fast As A McLaren P1

Yes, you read that right. Fitted with a naturally aspirated V10 from the 1993 Williams-Renault FW15C, it could muster up the courage to reach 62 in 2.8 seconds and a maximum speed of 194mph. It was tuned to 800PS, 100 more than the limited F1 variant, and had a carbon fibre chassis. Is this the perfect car to make the school run? Well, minus the engine taking up the space where the rear seats used to live, yes, it is!

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