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LEGO Releases New Batmobile Kit From Upcoming Film: 2022 ‘The Batman’

When it comes to toys, there are no limits when it comes to age. People may tell you that you’re too old for Legos as you grow older. That’s something that only your children or grandchildren can play with. Those people are, of course, incorrect; lego is brilliant, especially those who enjoy everything automotive and car orientated, with a lot of Lego car sets available.

And if you’re like us and love a bit of Batman, it appears like Lego has developed something special for you, too. A new Lego Technic Batmobile will be available on the Lego store starting this November, and it looks just like the classic Dodge seen in the upcoming movie.

The Batmobile is certainly one of the most famous vehicles in pop culture, having gone through several modifications and changes since the original TV series. According to the Lego store, this particular version from the Lego Technic line is strongly influenced by the latest Batmobile seen in The Batman 2022 Movie. The description also claims that the kit includes a “true-to-life design,” with styling influences borrowed from what appears to be a Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro, and Dodge Challenger.

1,360 pieces make up this complex set, which includes a spinning flame and opening doors and hood. This is not a cheap model at $99.99, but it appears to be worth the time and money spent on it. This model belongs to the Lego Technic range, so expect a more advanced building experience from fans of LEGO.

This model is said to be ideal for kids and adults who like superheroes, and it will make an excellent present for any Batman enthusiast. The vehicle is also equipped with headlights, as well as two light bricks that should bring it to life. A red brick illuminates the transparent engine bay, while a yellow brick lights up the Batmobile’s front grille. The store page adds that this figure will look great on display. There will undoubtedly be car fans all over the world who adore Batman and want to get their hands on this set.

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