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Kaleb Cooper: From Resentment to ‘Love’ for Jeremy Clarkson on Clarkson’s Farm

After spending weeks apart, Kaleb Cooper, star of Clarkson’s Farm, reveals a newfound affection and respect for Jeremy Clarkson. Their relationship evolved from initial resentment to one resembling a father-son bond, highlighting the dynamics behind the popular show.

Key Takeaways:

  • Kaleb Cooper expresses his surprising fondness for Jeremy Clarkson, having missed him during Clarkson’s absence to film The Grand Tour. Cooper acknowledges Clarkson as a father figure in the realm of TV, marking a significant shift from their usual bickering on Clarkson’s Farm.
  • Despite his affection, Cooper firmly states he wouldn’t want to take over Clarkson’s farm, valuing hard work and earning his own way. This mindset reflects in his new book “Britain According To Kaleb,” showcasing his insights into country life.
  • 2023 has been a landmark year for Cooper, marked by his engagement and the birth of his daughter. His dedication to farming remains unshaken, working extensive hours and occasionally clashing with Clarkson, notably over Clarkson’s venture into pig farming.

Kaleb Cooper, known for his straightforward and unfiltered approach on Clarkson’s Farm, has come to terms with his feelings towards Jeremy Clarkson. Initially meeting with a degree of resentment, their relationship has evolved into something deeper and more familial. Cooper’s frankness is evident in his comments about Clarkson:

“I resented Jeremy slightly the first time I met him but not because he had a farm — it was because he asked me to drive the tractor more slowly past his house so his cat could run around safely.”

Cooper’s growth in the public eye is further evidenced by his literary success. His second book, “Britain According To Kaleb: The Wonderful World Of Country Life,” follows his bestselling debut, offering unique perspectives on rural living. Despite his fame, Cooper remains grounded, emphasizing his desire to earn his way without relying on Clarkson’s influence:

“I don’t want anything I haven’t earned myself.”

Personal milestones have also marked Cooper’s year. His engagement and the birth of his daughter signify major life changes, yet his commitment to farming and the show remains steadfast. Cooper’s work ethic is remarkable, with reported 117-hour work weeks on the farm, often filling in for Clarkson’s limited agricultural knowledge.

The dynamic between Cooper and Clarkson, though often contentious, has been a cornerstone of Clarkson’s Farm’s success. The show, now awaiting its third series, continues to captivate audiences with its blend of humour, reality, and the evolving relationship between its two main characters.

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