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Lexus RX SUV Flies Into The Air In Horrific Crash During Illegal Street Race

I wouldn’t dream of ever drag racing a Lexus, yet alone an RX. But this fella took his RX out onto the public roads of Florida and before long, wished he hadn’t.

The teenager behind the wheel thought it was a good idea to test out his Lexus SUV’s straight-line speed against a friend in another car, but as you can see from the video, the car on the left starts to push the RX off the road. The Lexus driver, not quite able to control his large car, swerves to miss a mailbox, but the weight of the car and its high centre of gravity makes it slap back to the right of the video. He loses control and ends up hitting a rise sideways, throwing the car into the air.

The car rolls into the air and lands on its roof before rolling again.

Surprisingly, the driver and passenger of the RX survived this horrendous crash, although it was reported that the driver broke a number of ribs. The car was of course totalled.

This should act as a frightening wake-up call to anyone who thinks it might be a good idea to one, drag race on the public street, and two, drive far beyond their limits.

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