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Mattress Baron Commissions “Fuxia” McLaren and Rolls Royce

Michael Fux might not strike you initially as a sports-car man. He wears jeans and regular plaid shirts. He owns a couple mattress companies.

But he sold his last mattress company, Sleep Innovations, when it was doing $300 million in sales, and his net worth is around $75 million. This affords him the opportunity to indulge in his supercar passion, his collection currently numbering somewhere in the dozens and requiring multiple garages to house it all. And Fux’s latest additions? A McLaren 720S and a Rolls-Royce Dawn, both painted in his signature hue: “Fuxia.”

That’s for the Rolls-Royce, anyway. McLaren calls its version “Fux Fuschia,” which I’m not really sure is any better.

The two cars together are worth about $630,000 in their stock configurations, but that’s not including the likely exorbitant price both manufacturers charge for a custom color. Fux has even purchased exclusive rights to seven of Rolls-Royce’s 44,000 possible colors, all bearing the Fux moniker and covering most of the spectrum; his personal colors include the catchily-named Fux Aequus Green Jade Pearl and Fux Candy Red.

I doubt Fux Fuschia would be many people’s first choice of color, but when you’ve already commissioned so many bespoke cars, you can afford to play around a little.

You can check out Mr. Fux’s expansive collection on his Instagram page.

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