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Man Forced To Retaliate As Kid Keeps Biking Up And Down Driveway

With a camera pointed towards his driveway, a man behind the YouTube channel CanyonChasers realised that a young child on a bike has been riding up and down his driveway. Whenever the child, accompanied by parents or not, passes the great slab of concrete outside his house, he’s up and down it faster than Clarkson on a moped.

So, there’s only one thing for the owner of the driveway to do to take revenge: draw on a race track so the kid can have even more fun.

In this heartwarming video, the chalk-drawn racetrack not only creates a fun little course for the child to race around, but it pulls in others who feel the need to try it out, too. In a world that’s kinda scary right now, it’s a breath of fresh air to watching something so innocent.

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