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Manhart’s Lamborghini Urus Has 800bhp And Crazy Styling

When we think of Uranus we think of a planet… don’t we?

Thankfully whatever crossed your mind is not what I am covering here. The Lamborghini Urus, a frighteningly overwhelming splurge of Italian garish splendour from the very moment it was unveiled. Its race ready lines and power hungry V8 juggernaut of a block pushing a mind boggling 718bhp, we thought that it could go no further. Fear not, a German tuner by the name of Manhart has entered the fray, bringing with them more power and more styling additions than a beach-tanned Miami gold digger.

Manhart has reconfigured that rather tame 641bhp to a bottom clenching 790bhp. Naturally with this the torque has been given a mild boost too, leaving the meek 627lb ft for the almost excessive figure of  723lb ft so that the 2.2 tons’ worth of SUV can be hauled with ease. Bearing these in mind it has now become more of a brute than the Aventador SVJ, the Most powerful car Lamborghini offers from factory.


This has all been made possible with the additions of two larger turbo chargers, an ECU remap and a brand new exhaust system to unleash the growl. To help put this extra prowess onto the tarmac it has been coupled with a planet busting eight-speed automatic gearbox.

Additions to the powertrain brings inspired add-ons to the exterior and Manhart does not disappoint.  Extra wide carbon fibre arches, a front splitter the size of a small warship, a set of scandalous Y-Spoke black wheels, some stripes to really tie it all up and we all love a lady in red, so naturally red accents have been added, including hints of the stuff on the tailpipes.

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