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The Grand Tour Season 3 Episode 5 Sneak Peak – ‘An Itchy Urus’

We only just wrote about the Urus when it comes in contact with a German tuning company, and now The Grand Tour are putting it through its paces in Episode 5 of The Grand Tour Season 3.

Jeremy heads to Sweden to test the Lamborghini SUV, where he turns up the heat on the ice and snow of Swedish roads. Abbie Eaton joins him later on in a Porsche 911 Turbo and they see which one is fastest.

Back at the Eboladrome, James drives the Alpine A110 around their track. He hopes it will succeed where most French cars fail, so attempts to make two people buy it. You can read more about the lovely little Alpine by clicking here.

Richard Hammond performs a profile on the racing driver Jim Clark who’s best known for his incredible performance on the race track. The Scottish driver was modest and quiet, but is classed as one of the greatest racing drivers to ever live. Unfortunately, his life was cut short, so Hammond pays homage to the legend.

The episode airs as usual this Friday on Amazon Prime. But until then, come and join the conversation on our forum by clicking the big orange button below!


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  1. I’d like to see another Australian tour but this time you have to go from West of Birdsville, over big red, across Queensland to Fraser Island and do it in $5,000 utes towing boats in the middle of the wet season. Get Russell Coight to give you a hand with some outback tips and tricks, classic.

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