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The Ariel P40, A 1180hp Electric Car, Sounds Insane

Ariel has been known for making some pretty insane cars like the Atom and Nomad. However, their next car may just put all the others to shame.

Codenamed the P40, Ariel’s next car will be packing nearly 1200 HP under the hood, be capable of doing 0-100 MPH in 3.8 seconds, and will have a new turbine range extender powertrain. Oh, and it will have four seats so you can take the kids to school in style. Production is scheduled for 2020.

The P40 will be powered by four separate 295 BHP electric motors, each fed from a centrally mounted 42kWh liquid cooled battery. As far as the turbine range extender goes, it will produce a maximum of 35kW and will be mounted atop the two rear motors.

Ariel claims that once the initial 100-120 miles of electric range is used up, the extender will produce enough power to maintain a fast road performance. Current estimates has the P40 at 15 minutes of flat out track driving before needing a charge (no word yet on how long the range extender will work for).

Founder and head of Ariel, Simon Saunders, has this to say about Ariel’s plans moving forward:

“We’re building tomorrow’s aspirational car using our small-company agility to beat the big companies. We love the Ariels we make now, but we know we have to embrace new technology. If we don’t, in 20 years we’ll be making antiques, and we could even be legislated out of existence.

We want the project to be a poster boy for new technology. It’s risky, because the car is packed with new stuff that needs to be proven, but we want it to be seen as tomorrow’s supercar.”

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