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McLaren P1 For Sale At $2.2 Million

A McLaren P1 ain’t easy to come by. Only 375 were made throughout its production run, and they sold out completely in about a month. Your best chance now to get one is to attend the prestigious auctions that occur every year at places like Monterey Car Week, where this absolutely mint, one-owner example is being offered by Gooding & Co. for between $2 million – $2.2 million.

The P1, as a car, matters a lot because it was part of the original hybrid Holy Trinity, and was favored by Jeremy Clarkson as the best and fastest car of the three. Despite, of course, being more expensive than the Porsche, uglier than the Ferrari, and as we learned on The Grand Tour, slower than both.

But if utmost speed is what you’re after, this might be a good buy. The P1 was indeed slower than the LaFerrari and the 918 on the show, but that was when all three were running on the same tires. With the wheels wearing their stock rubber, the P1 managed to eclipse the other two around the Algarve, though the show never stated by how much.

This particular P1 is in absolutely factory-fresh condition. Finished in a more expensive optional color, Ice Silver, over a black Alcantara interior, it’s done just 1,800 miles since the owner acquired it new from McLaren of Long Island. It’s also been fitted with special wide seats (insert American market joke here), though the original slimmer buckets are included with the car. Naturally, it also includes every scrap of original documentation that came with the car in 2014.

If you want to get your hands on this P1, you’ll need to be at Pebble Beach on Friday, replete with cash for the purchase and incontinence sheets for the drive home.

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