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Meet Robert Downey Jr.’s Modified Mustang Boss 302

True to the gold hinted accents of the beloved Marvel character of Ironman that he plays, Robert Downey Jr. has a Boss 302 that could well be the epitome of a resto-mod project turned perfection?

‘SpeedKore’, the firm who created this visionary spectacle have said that they worked closely alongside Robert in order to provide exactly what he was after in this special vehicle. Notebly this included the replacement of the original 302ci Ford block and switched it out to a 5.0 ‘Alluminator’ V8 coupled with a stage 2 Ford Performance/Roush supercharger. While exact figures are not shown for Roberts resto-mod, similar setups sit on the cusp of fear between 600-800bhp and all this gracious power couldn’t be put down reliably without that all important gearbox swap. Now boasting a hearty Bowler T56 6 Speed manual and a Detroit Speed 9″ rear axle she’s ready to strip rubber!

The almost entirely switched out carbon fibre panelling sits on top of a brand spanking new Detroit Speed aluminium chassis, that has been reinforced at the front and rear sub-frame. Not to mention the Quadra-link independent rear suspension from the same firm.

To put the belt on this heavy weight and prove it’s worth as a show winning king the interior would need a touch of cloth…

Designed and manufactured by Californian firm, ‘Gabe’s Custom Interiors’ we find combinations of white and black leather upholstery blending perfectly to its rustic brown woven fabric with off-white stitching. The bucket seats, custom gauge cluster, meticulously machined wheel and air conditioning system by ‘Vintage Air’ push the boundaries, creating the validation of sitting in a classic alongside modern, luxurious sophistication.

Colour coded to ‘PPG khaki Yellow’ and utilising the new carbon fibre components to perpetuate the original 302 livery in a modern day tribute and for that last nod to the growling power sitting under the hood, she sits on HRE Wheels coupled with Michelin Pilot Sport boots.

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This car premiered at the 2017 SEMA show, but is soon to go back on display for all those lucky enough to attend the 2019 Grand National Roadster Show this year. (2019)

The video below goes into more details regarding this one of queen off the asphalt. Enjoy Folks

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