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Meet The Man Who Moved Countries To Buy His Dream Car

On the recent Sung’s Garage Podcast, Sung Kang and Alex Harrington from Grand Tour Nation talked to Shahar Algazy, a man who owns one of the largest Fast and Furious replica car collections in the world. But how did this come about?

Shahar grew up in Israel but felt like the country didn’t allow him the automotive future that he wanted for himself. He’s a keen car enthusiast, but wanted to explore the car modifications that he was so passionate about while watching The Fast and Furious films. And above all else, he wanted to buy his dream car, a Dodge Viper. He couldn’t do this because of regulations and laws in Israel that stopped the level of modification to vehicles that he really wanted.

One day, after coming back from a SEMA show, he admitted to his wife that this is what he wanted, and a few years later, they were packing their bags to make the move. The day he arrived in LA, he bought his first Dodge Viper.

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