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Mercedes-Benz Electric G-Class: Outperforming ICE and Redefining Off-Roading

Mercedes-Benz CEO and Chief Engineer Unveil the Electric G-Class's Game-Changing Features

In a recent outdoor video featuring Mercedes-Benz CEO Ola Kaellenius, exciting revelations about the electric G-Class were unveiled, hinting at its potential to outperform its internal combustion engine (ICE) counterpart. Kaellenius, joined by chief engineer Fabian Schossau, shed light on the electric SUV’s capabilities, preserving the iconic G-Wagon design while embracing electric power.

Key Takeaways:

  • Mercedes-Benz CEO Ola Kaellenius and chief engineer Fabian Schossau discussed the electric G-Class in an outdoor video.
  • The electric G-Class maintains the iconic boxy design and aims to surpass the ICE version’s capabilities.
  • The electric G-Class features four electric motors, advanced torque control, and an innovative silicon anode battery.

In a captivating outdoor video, Mercedes-Benz CEO Ola Kaellenius and chief engineer Fabian Schossau recently unveiled intriguing insights into the upcoming electric G-Class, suggesting it could potentially outshine its internal combustion engine (ICE) counterpart. This revelation has sparked excitement among fans eagerly anticipating the electric SUV’s arrival.

The video, set against the backdrop of the Schoeckl mountain in Graz, Austria, holds particular significance as this location serves as both the birthplace and manufacturing site of the beloved G-Class. It also served as the perfect testing ground for the electric off-roader, with the development team subjecting it to 336 treacherous ascents and descents.

One of the key highlights of the electric G-Class is its innovative axle concept, featuring four electric motors—one for each wheel. This configuration allows for precise control over torque distribution, enhancing the vehicle’s off-road capabilities and even enabling a maneuver known as the “G-turn,” reminiscent of Rivian’s tank turn.

For purists concerned about the transition to electric power, there’s good news. The ICE version of the G-Class is expected to coexist with the electric variant in the lineup, ensuring that traditionalists can still enjoy the fuel-thirsty off-roader they love.

Additionally, Mercedes-Benz is taking a bold step forward in battery technology. The electric G-Class will utilize silicon anode technology, a groundbreaking innovation that promises to boost energy density by 20 to 40%, potentially extending the vehicle’s electric range beyond what lithium-ion batteries can offer.

While the video and discussions have provided tantalizing glimpses into the electric G-Class, the launch date remains undisclosed. However, the electric Mercedes-Benz G-Class is anticipated to make its debut around 2024, as a 2025 model year, ushering in a new era for this iconic vehicle.

In Summary: The electric Mercedes-Benz G-Class, as revealed by CEO Ola Kaellenius and chief engineer Fabian Schossau, holds the promise of surpassing its ICE counterpart, with innovative features like a unique axle concept and silicon anode battery technology. Anticipated for a 2025 launch, this electric SUV is poised to redefine the capabilities of the iconic G-Wagon.

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