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Pagani CEO Rules Out Electric Hypercar, Citing Weight and Fun Factor

Horacio Pagani emphasizes the importance of low weight and driving experience in Pagani's hypercars.

Pagani, the renowned Italian hypercar manufacturer, recently unveiled the Imola Roadster during the Asia-Pacific launch of the Utopia. Founder Horacio Pagani, alongside his son Christopher, graced the premiere with their presence and engaged with the media. However, in a surprising turn of events, they revealed that Pagani has no immediate plans to venture into the electric hypercar domain.

Key Takeaways:

  • Pagani introduced the Imola Roadster during the Asia-Pacific launch of the Utopia.
  • Horacio Pagani stated that Pagani has no immediate plans for an electric hypercar due to concerns about weight and driving experience.
  • Despite this decision, Pagani remains committed to investing in electric technologies for future applications.

During the Imola Roadster’s debut, Horacio Pagani addressed the media and disclosed the brand’s stance on electric hypercars. He explained that the decision not to pursue electric hypercars is rooted in the car’s weight, emphasizing the importance of low weight as a defining feature of Pagani’s hypercars.

“It’s so different that you are losing a little bit of fun,” Horacio expressed, highlighting the unique driving experience that would be compromised with an electric powertrain. This statement indicates that Pagani prioritizes the exhilaration and engagement of driving, which their current lineup offers.

Interestingly, it was reported last summer that Pagani had paused its electric vehicle (EV) research projects, which had started in 2018. Despite this pause, Horacio Pagani clarified that the company remains committed to investing in electric technologies, focusing on the development of batteries and electric motors for future applications. However, releasing a zero-emissions hypercar from Pagani seems to be a project for the distant future.

During the Asia-Pacific launch of the Utopia in Hong Kong, Horacio Pagani also shared insights on the global automotive industry, specifically regarding the Chinese electric vehicle (EV) sector. He pointed out that car prices in China are generally lower than those of European brands, highlighting the need for European manufacturers to stay competitive.

Pagani’s founder acknowledged China’s dominance in the global EV market, with Chinese brands excelling in terms of product quality and pricing. This underscores the significance of maintaining a strong presence in this evolving automotive landscape.

In summary, Pagani’s recent Imola Roadster unveiling marked the brand’s commitment to its tradition of lightweight, high-performance hypercars. While electric hypercars may not be in Pagani’s immediate future, they remain dedicated to exploring and investing in electric technologies for their future endeavors.

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