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Mobile Phone Detection Cameras Are Going Live This Weekend

In a bid to stop drivers from using their phones while driving, high-tech cameras are going live this weekend to identify if a driver is illegally using their device behind the wheel.

In 45 unknown locations around New South Wales, the state will be the first area to introduce laws to enable these cameras to enforce the laws surrounding illegal mobile phone use. Other states will also be looking into the same thing.

Tests carried out earlier this year were successful, with 8.5million vehicles being scanned by these cameras, resulting in 100,000 drivers being caught on their phones. This would have equated to $35million in revenue due to the fine of $344 per person.

It’s important that the law regarding the use of a phone while driving is enforced, as 7 people out of 184 crashes that involved the use of a phone were killed between 2012 and 2017, 105 of which were injured.

Mobile Phone Detection Cameras Are Going Live This Weekend

These cameras use high definition recording alongside artificial intelligence, and will be fixed alongside roads as well as mounted on transportable trailers. They will be in use 24 hours a day, and will work in any weather condition, including heavy rain and complete darkness. Alex McCredie told Seven News that they’ll even be able to capture the model of the phone you’re using.

‘We have to unfortunately use the element of surprise to get people to think ‘well, I could get caught at any time’,’ roads and transport minister Andrew Constance told Nine News.

‘I want behaviour to change and I want it changed immediately. It’s not about revenue — it’s about saving lives.’

Up until December 20, drivers will only receive a warning letter instead of a fine and loss of five demerit points. From the 20th to and including January 5, this will double to ten demerit points.

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  1. 1984 on full blow. Cooking of the frog is almost complete. And the argument about lives is bs and a cover-up. If they valued live so much there wouldn’t be abortions or euthanasia or medical mistakes etc. Those 8 ppl dead over several years is just a poor excuse imho

  2. Can you set these cameras for actual public safety too, like on streets and around the country, London at least!
    Put them up everywhere…

  3. So you have to have it up to your face to be enforceable? Otherwise how do they determine if the phone is in use if it’s in it’s cradle?

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