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Tesla Ultimate Guide: Model Y

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The Tesla Model Y is the sixth car to come from Elon Musk’s all-electric car company (including the Roadster 2.0). It completes the S3XY lineup, and fills the Crossover SUV niche which is a first for the company.

On its release later this year, it will be able to sit 7 full-sized adults with the addition of the optional additional 2 seats at the rear of the car. This is a surprise as it is mostly the same chassis as the Model 3. It shares 75% of its parts with the 3, but is obviously larger.


Because of its increased weight and size, it isn’t quite as fast as a Model 3 with the same powertrain and battery, but the offered specs gives a potential buyer plenty to choose from.

It also shares an almost identical interior, with only one large central screen which shows all your necessary information from speed to the Sat-Nav, just like the Model 3.

The car starts at a price of $39,000 with a range of 230 miles and a 0-60mph time of 5.9 seconds, but from 2020, there will be higher performance and longer range models of Y to choose from.


The new Y is compatible with V3 superchargers giving it a charge rate of 1,000 miles per hour, which will help with those who are interested in an EV but put off by the long charging times and range anxiety.


The Model Y will round out what Tesla has to offer to the market, and go head to head with some popular ICE cars as well as other EVs such as the Jaguar iPace. There is no shortage of good cars in this niche however, but Tesla more than has the brand image to compete on popularity alone.

Production will begin in September 2020 at 2,000 cars a week.

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