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First Look At New Top Gear Without Matt LeBlanc Or Rory Reid

With the Series 26 of Top Gear now over (after only 5 episodes?!), it’s time to say goodbye to Matt LeBlanc and Rory Reid. Chris Harris is keeping his position as car fanatic and experienced driver, but Rory Reid has been demoted to Extra Gear which is only available on BBC iPlayer. LeBlanc, well he’s gone back to his ranch never to appear on the show again.

To replace these two presenters, Andrew “Freddie” Flintoff and Paddy McGuinness have been brought in. And while this has been bad news for many, we are still interested to see the final product. After the last episode of Series 26, TopGear answered our wishes and have given us a sneak preview of what’s to come for Series 27.

The video shows the three presenters rallying a hearse with Freddy at the wheel. Paddy is complaining about his erratic driving as the car’s only a ‘prototype’ just before Freddy hits the inside of a corner too hard and flips the car. With a guilty look on Freddy’s face, Chris welcomes Paddy to TopGear. And with that, we’re actually pretty excited.

It looks exciting, original, spontaneous (three things The Grand Tour has been put down as not being) and it looks like the three presenters are already gelling quite well. We’re excited to see what’s to come, and you should be, too..

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