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Motorcycle Dragged Under Minivan After Insane California Hit and Run

Hit and runs are one of the scummiest and disturbing kind of accidents that happen on the road. When that’s combined with a larger vehicle hitting a motorcycle, well, it’s not a good look for the criminal, to say the least.

Last week, the driver of a minivan, hit a Honda Superbike while driving on Highway 91. The 25-year-old driver, didn’t do the right thing and stop, instead he pulled the bike under his van for miles. Thankfully, with cellphones ready to capture any incident, the California perp was recorded in the act.

The biker was left behind, after being hit from behind while traveling 65 mph, by the van while authorities say was going 70 mph. He reported only minor injuries, but told the local news, “I was like oh this guy did try to kill me! I feel like it was intentional, like he hunted me down.”

Sparks flew from the motorcycle as it was dragged, the resulting video showed the most bizarre hit and run aftermath that could possibly be spotted on the road. Apparently the driver of the minivan abandoned his vehicle, and fled on foot. He was arrested shortly after, and now has charges of felony hit and run to contend with.



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