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The Grand Tour: Jeremy Clarkson Opens Up On Effects ISIS Has Had On Filming

Jeremy Clarkson has opened up on how terrorist group, ISIS, have impacted The Grand Tour – as the show is “running out of places to visit” and if they would “pack up – it would really open up chunks of the world”.

During a recent podcast interview on DriveThrough with George Nicole, Clarkson opened up about the difficulties the show is having these days when it comes to coming up with new ideas and places to film.

When Jeremy was asked about the future of the worlds most popular motoring show post lockdown, he confirmed there were two ideas floating around with one already ready to film:

“We were supposed to have gone to Russia at the end of March, but at that point borders were closing – Russia wasn’t closed, we could’ve gone. If we had, we wouldn’t have been able to get back. The cars we were going to use are there. Everything’s all set up. We just have to wait till next winter and do it then.”

So it appears that the Russia episode of the Grand Tour, which was slated to be the third episode after Madagascar, is most likely going to be released as a later episodes in the season.

On the subject of new episode plans, Jeremy confirmed:

“We have two ideas – obviously we don’t say where they are. I just wish ISIS would pack up – it would open up huge chunks of the world. Or whatever they call themselves. The whole way from Senegal to Borneo – that’s a really tricky area to get insurance for the crews. I’ll go!”

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