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Motorcyclist Brake Checks A Car And Pays The Price

Motorcycles have incredible performance. Their low weight allows the to be incredibly agile with even the smallest engines providing outstanding performance. This also means they can brake on a dime, much faster than any car on the road.

This comes with a price, however. On a bike, there’s nothing between you and the open road, no roof over your head and no pillars. If you fall off, then you hit the ground. So why would you put yourself in extra danger by being an idiot on the road?

A biker in Russia wanted to test his luck, so instead of giving a car two fingers for what we expect was a bit of bad driving, but we can’t confirm this, he decides to brake check the driver. This was obviously a bad idea, as the car just ploughs straight into him, knocking him off his bike in what seems like a slow motion fall.

They both come to a stop, with trucks on the opposite side of the road pulling over, too. The driver of the car gets out, but before going to check the biker who is motionless on the floor, he checks the damage to his car. I’m not surprised, as that was a stupid move by the biker.

Ever been in a situation like this?

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  1. Anybody dumb enough to brake check deserves to be run over. I’ve seen way too many vehicles swerve to avoid hitting the idiot brake checking and wipe out or hit a car in the lane next to them while the brake checker drives off into the sunset without a care. Don’t risk that happening, brake but don’t turn your wheel for them. If you hit them? It’s their fault. Also buy a dashcam and keep it turned on!

  2. Or…don’t drive in the passing lane when not passing.
    Bike is in the wrong for brake checking
    Driver is in the wrong for being wrong.

  3. If I remember the whole video. The car came on a off ramp and got to speed quite successful but there were two or the cars he had to navigate. The bike was way off and had to slow down to let the cars shuffle into order. The video car sped up and continue on the way. Next is this video.

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