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Need For Speed: An Early Look at the Next Highly Anticipated Game

Fans of cars and video games were at the edge of their seats this week as Criterion takes on the next version of the Need For Speed franchise.

The last Need For Speed game was released in November of 2019, produced by Ghost Games. They got the proverbial boot after just one release, paving way for Criterion to take over.

The preview that was released late last week features a very short preview that is sure to have you anxiously waiting for 2021. It’s a short little peek into the future, but these cars sure do look amazing in this 22-second clip.

Criterion last produced NFS games in 2010 and 2012 with Hot Pursuit and Most Wanted respectively. Both of those games were very well done and were widely regarded during their time.

With the release of new consoles coming over the next few years, this Need For Speed game is sure to be iconic.

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