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Neighbour Kicks Off At Chevy Nova Owner After Engine Noise Rattles Windows

It something we all dread isn’t it? Our doorbell goes and we answer it expecting our much anticipated Amazon delivery but in fact, its the neighbour kicking off about something you may or may not have done.

Not that I’d know, but I can probably imagine if you own a loud and lairy race car the probability of this happening increases quite significantly – and that is exactly what we appear to have here.

Chicago resident Michael Markus, the owner of a 1965 Chevrolet Nova SS, was greeted by his neighbour telling him his car was too loud.

The video, filmed on February 20th 2020, as Markus was working on his Nova – is quite the exchange:

The footage, taken by a video doorbell, shows the lady introducing herself but making no time for pleasantries she waded straight in complaining about how loud the car is and how it makes the windows of her house rattle.

When asked if it’s necessary for the car to be that loud, the owner retorted:

“Well, that’s how the car is, it’s a race car. It’s gonna be like that every time I go in and out.”

As you can imagine, that didn’t go down well with the neighbourhood watch who then threatened Markus with ‘other means of intervention’ – calling the police presumably. Markus was then quick to point out that he can’t just chuck out a car he’d spent over $40,000 on and it’s his toy that he enjoys using between work and home each day:

“The lady asked if I can store it elsewhere or not even turn it on because it bothers her. I disagreed and said I will drive it to and from work whether she likes it or not”

The fiery disagreement continued and resulted in the lady walking off in a huff.

According to the owner of the Chevy Nova, she left having accomplished nothing as he still uses the car to drive to and from work every day.

Now we’re not pointing fingers here, but we can imagine hearing an engine so loud it rattles your windows might not be to everyone’s taste, so the neighbour may have a right to be a little perturbed. However, on the other hand – who wouldn’t love the sound of a 1965 Chevrolet Nova SS? He’s worked hard for the pleasure of owning one and he should enjoy it.

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