The Grand Tour

How Did You First Get Into The Grand Tour Or Top Gear?

I know plenty of people who have been watching Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May since Top Gear started in 2002. As a matter of fact, I even know a few who have been watching Jeremy since the OG Top Gear days alongside Tiff Needell and Sue Baker. Talk about true loyalty!

Even though I like to talk about it like I’ve been watching Top Gear since day 1, the truth of it is I didn’t even know what the show was until around 2010. I’ve seen pretty much every episode, but it was all through Netflix and Amazon up until I “caught up” with the current broadcast around Series 13.

So here’s my dirty little secret: I didn’t discover Top Gear until I bought Gran Turismo 5. I remember buying GT5 and being unfamiliar with the Top Gear content in the game, but at the same time, I remember people on the forums freaking out about there being Top Gear stuff included.

All that excitement piqued my interested so I decided to look up TG and see what the hype was all about. I was successful…mostly. My first taste of TG was an episode with Tanner, Adam, and Rutledge. Yup… wrong Top Gear. I devoured the entire first season of US Top Gear and enjoyed every moment of it until I found out about OG TG.

The first episode of Top Gear that I ever saw was Series 9, Episode 6 where the boys made their own limos. I don’t think I have ever laughed so hard in my whole life (not a hyperbole). From that moment on I was hooked and watched everything Netflix had to offer. I haven’t missed an episode involving Jeremy and Co. ever since.

So let’s hear your stories! How did you discover Top Gear / The Grand Tour? How long have you been watching? Favourite episodes? We want to hear it all! Reply on our Twitter page at the link below!

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  1. My Granny knew I was into cars when I was very young, so bought me Clarksons Unleashed on Cars from 1995 on VCR when I was about 5. From there, I bought each of his VCR and DVD releases (At Full Throttle with Vicki B-H was a particular highlight!), and was absolutely thrilled when I heard he was presenting Top Gear. Watched the very first episode with the Murcielago and the Zonda, and followed the trio ever since

  2. Watched top gear since it started now ever many yrs ago still watch it to this day. I have watched the grand tour from day 1 to.

  3. Was channel hopping and the episode where they built motorhomes came on the scream with Jeremy screaming when his car was lifting off the ground. We were hooked and have watched all of Top Gear UK and The Grand Tour multiple times.

  4. Channel hopping one evening for something to watch and stumbled on the race in the Aston Martin to Verbier. Have been hooked ever since.

  5. Top Gear was the first show that I’ve been watching as TV show. Not like cars-specific show, more like Game of Thrones or Doctor Who. Interesting feeling

  6. Never a car enthusiast, car shows weren’t on my radar until one evening, I happened upon RH’s review of the wildcat bowler- “I AM A DRIVING GOD!” remains seared in my memory. The segment was epic in its energy, and kept my attention and subsequently, my introduction to television’s unholy trinity! 😄

    Old TG & now TGT still remains the only auto-themed show on my TV palate. And I suspect I am one of many millions of non-petrol heads who’ve had our eyes opened to the world of cars (& beyond) because we’ve so enjoyed their work for its consistent comedic, emotive and intelligent(!) brilliance.

  7. I too live in the colonies where we stopped having to care about British going’s on since 1776. I stumbled upon the boys back when I still time-shifted my TV viewing by searching the nether regions of the internet.

    I noticed that this TopGear show was consistently at the top of the most downloaded lists. I had never heard of it before so I figured if everyone else watch’s I should at least give it a go. I had never laughed so hard. The 1st episode I ever watched was their first trip to the States season 9 ep. 3. I have been hooked ever since.

  8. My name happens to be James May, I live in America, and in 2009, a friend of mine posted a link on my Facebook page about James May’s Toy Stories Lego House. I read the article and looked up this other James May character, and found out he was a presenter on a television program called “Top Gear”. Shortly afterwards, as luck would have it, I was searching through the on screen menu on my television when I stumbled across BBC America presenting a Top Gear marathon, I tuned in about halfway through the Isle of Man episode with the Aston, BMW, and Porsche, followed by about six other episodes which included their US and Vietnam specials, and naturally I was hooked, I haven’t missed an episode since.

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