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This Mitsubishi 3000GT Is Everything We Want The Japanese Brand

What’s happened to Mitsubishi? Well, if you haven’t heard from the Japanese company for a while it’s because they’re now making things that we’re not too bothered about. The Eclipse is now an SUV, and, well, so is the rest of its lineup to be honest. Looking at the company that used to build Evos and 3000GTs, we’re slightly disappointed.

But I recently found a render that’s blown me away. And with the amount of renders out there at the moment, that’s saying something. This is what the new 3000GT could look like, and yes, it looks damn good.

This 4000GT was created by Matthew Parsons and uploaded to, and before we jump into what we’d love to see under the bonnet, this is what he has to say about his design

“A quick personal project envisioning what a modern day Mitsubishi 3000GT could look like. I found the original design had equal length overhangs front and rear, and decided to create a much shorter rear overhang. By doing this I aimed to give the design more forward leaning movement. The soft “90s” surfacing was reshaped into sharper edges with stronger lines and the air channels are designed to be more subtle.
“The 4000GT name indicates an obvious successor to the 3000GT and the VR-5 emblem indicates an evolution of the VR-4 system. As a big 90s JDM fanatic, it has been rewarding to work on a childhood favourite and I hope it invokes some nostalgia to its viewers.”

So, what do we want from it? The original produces around 300hp in its VR-4 guise with all-wheel drive and a 0-60mph time of between 5 and 6 seconds depending on the year. To bring this into the modern era, I’d personally switch out its NA 6-cylinder or twin-turbo 4-cylinder for a twin-turbo V6. I’d even go as far to add a hybrid system, because after all, the original car was a statement of the latest technologies.

What would you like to see if Mitsubishi ever did revisit their sports car lineup? Let us know in the comments!

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