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New Jaguar F-Type Teased For December Release

A new Jaguar F-Type is on its way for 2021, but despite being given a video from the British car company, we still don’t know a lot about it.

With only a clip of six seconds to hand, we can confirm happily that the F-Type will hold on to its nasty exhaust tone. We can also confirm that the facelift will be revealed by Jaguar on the 2nd December, with test mules being spotted close to its home in Solihull. While we can’t post photos of them on this website, we can tell you that from what we can see, they look not so dissimilar from the outgoing version, and have been spotted in both hardtop and convertible guises.

The new V8-powered sports car will debut alongside Hot Wheels on a stage event. Previously, Jaguar has been involved with Hot Wheels-like stunts when revealing cars. The E-Pace was shown doing a barrel roll on its release, for example, and the F-Pace did a loop-theloop, so maybe expect something similar.

New Jaguar F-Type Teased For December Release

Autocar has reported that a rumour of Jaguar using a BMW engine for the new F-Type is untrue, and is inferring that the same supercharged 5.0-litre V8 will be found in the new car with minimal alterations. The same has been said regarding the turbocharged four-cylinder.

The supercharged V6 will be undergoing major changes however, with Jaguar apparently implementing some sort of turbo or hybrid system onto a straight-6 power plant. Because of this, the chances of the car keeping its manual gearbox option is questionable.

We can’t wait to see the new car, especially as spy shots have suggested that there won’t be a huge change to its already perfect design. What we should expect however is a larger front grill, narrower headlights, and a slightly more aggressive bodykit overall. As long as it sounds just as angry as the outgoing version, we’ll be happy.

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