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Clarkson, Hammond and May: The Best Creations from Top Gear and The Grand Tour

I enjoy watching The Grand Tour and Top Gear (both old and new) for the fast cars and epic races across different continents, and also for the shenanigans that happen between Jeremy, James, and Richard. However, my absolute, 100%, no contest favorite thing about both shows is when the boys get to create something. We have seen all sorts of crazy stuff from the boys; from a car-boat that actually could cross the English Channel to a three story tall motorhome that can barely make it down the motorway.

I have been re-watching old Top Gear and have decided to compile a list of my favorite creations by Jeremy, James, and Richard. Obviously these selection are simply my personal favorites; yours may be the same or completely different. Regardless, we want to know what your choices are! So without further ado, the greatest creations by the boys (in no particular order):

Toy-boat-a (Series 10, Episode 2)

This wasn’t the first time that the boys tried to make amphibious cars, but it was certainly the most impressive. I was skeptical that Jeremy could ever get the Toy-boat-a to actually work on a consistent basis; I was even more skeptical that he could get it to cross the English Channel. I was wrong, as Jeremy’s car was the only one that completed the challenge.

Hammerhead Eagle i-Thrust (Series 14, Episode 2)

The ridiculousness of this car is matched only by the hilarity of the safety tests involved. Tasked with building an electric car that was better than the G-Wiz, the boys created a shiny, boxy monstrosity known simply as “Geoff” (later renamed the more “eco-friendly” Hammerhead Eagle i-Thrust). There was no shortage of hilarious moments, such as Hammond’s seating position, the slow, sad whine Geoff made when the batteries were dying, and of course, the outrageously dangerous shiny hood that pretty much destroyed any means of visibility. Oh yes, and Belinda Carlisle.

Alfa Romeab (Series 9, Episode 6)

As soon as this challenge was announced, I knew we were in for a treat. The best part was that each of the three limos that the boys built were pretty exactly what I expected them to make. Jeremy’s was all about size, Hammond’s about sportiness, and James’…well I’m not sure what James’ was all about, but having two front ends certainly seemed like a very James thing to do. Sensible and Swedish at one end, firey and Italian on the other. Kind of like a european, auto version of a mullet.

“The” Police (Series 11, Episode 1)

I wouldn’t nevessarily say that Hammond’s police jeep was my favorite of the three, but it certainly brought about the biggest laugh for me. It wasn’t just the fact that it looked like a Barbie jeep, complete with hot pink lettering and approximately 3564354354354 lights, and it wasn’t just the fact that it had a built-in spike strip to stop criminals; it was that it was called “The” Police, a name that was actually written on the side door. When Jeremy first pointed out the “The” in the name, I was pretty much dying from laughter.

Vehicle For the Elderly (Series 19, Episode 5)

Honestly, the ideas used in this car weren’t half bad. I thought the flare/balloon parking system was clever, and the sat nav with its little snippets of history was quite nice as well. The squeaky sound when braking is actually an idea that I think more people need, if I’m honest. Lots of bad drivers around who aren’t paying attention. All in all, the ladies seemed to enjoy “The James,” even though it was difficult to get in and out of. The rear seating was supposed to be very easy to get in and out of, you know.

The Hovervan (Series 20, Episode 4)

Ah, the Hovervan. Such a quiet inconspicuous thing, no? Once the boys actually got the Hovervan working, it was actually quite impressive, even going so far as to being able to tackle a weir. Going up the weir on the other hand, well, that didn’t work out quite as well. It was loud, caused destruction wherever it went, and seemed to be much too wide to ever use on public roads, but it sure made for plenty of laughs.

Convertible People Carrier (Series 8, Episode 1)

This was one of the first episodes of Top Gear that I ever saw, and it left a lasting impression on me. Pretty much all the hallmarks of a great “build” episode are here; big ideas, shoddy workmanship, and hilarious situations. I especially liked when Hammond became structurally integral to the roof of the van. Also, James’ roof lowering system which should only take “but a moment” was awesome. The joy on their faces as they were completing the speed test was hilarious; they were genuinely so pleased with themselves. And of course, the animals.

The Excellent (The Grand Tour Season 1, Episode 9)

Honestly, I thought The Excellent was a genuinely good idea, even if I wouldn’t have used the same base car as Jeremy did. It didn’t actually look half bad, and other than some slight alignment issues, it seemed to work ok as well. Of course, when I say “seemed to work ok as well,” I of course mean “in the overall scheme of things that the boys have made.”

What are your favorite creations? Let us know in the comments below and on our Facebook page!

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