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Breaking Air traffic Regulations With A Flying Caravan

This week’s Throwback Thursday, er, Flashback Friday features an episode that made my wife lose her mind upon watching it. You see, she is an air traffic controller, and watching James pilot an airship into a busy airport just about gave her an aneurysm.

The episode took place in Series 14 where James, in an attempt to get more caravans off the roads, got the bright idea of going vertical According to James, taking a caravan to the skies solves many problems, including making driving more pleasant and caravaning more exciting.

Of course, this raises the problem of not having a car to use if you’re flying your caravan to the site, but James, always the forward thinker, had a solution to that. He simply had Hammond bring a car to meet him at the site, and since they weren’t bogged down with having to use the car for towing purposes, they could bring something a bit more snazzy: a Lamborghini Gallordo Balboini.

Caravaning instantly improved.

Of course, this is Top Gear, and as with most things on Top Gear, things did not go smoothly. First off, the top speed was a blistering 17 MPH (if the airship wasn’t going backwards due to a strong headwind). Due to the low speed, any caravaning site too far away was basically out of the question.

Then there was the incident where James flaoted into Norwich Airport’s airspace during intense aerial activity. If you think flight delays are bad now, just until you find out that you’re stuck on the tarmac because James May of Top Gear was floating above you in a flying caravan.

Finally James arrived at the caravan site. Landing the flying caravan was less than graceful as James had virtually no control of the airship whatsoever, and was essentially dragged along the ground for lord knows how far.

If you want to watch the whole, hilarious segment, check out Series 14, Episode 3!

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