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Porsche Leaks Next Generation 911 GT3 for Upcoming Super Bowl Commercial

Porsche has just released it’s commercial for the upcoming Super Bowl this Sunday and overall, it looks as high a production a commercial you would expect from a company that hasn’t paid for a Super Bowl commercial in decades!

For those keen Porsche fan eyes (thanks to all the tips), it looks like Porsche snuck in the reveal of the next generation 911 GT3.

This being a commercial for the new all-electric Porsche Taycan, it’s in typical German fashion that they bring out every single car in their line up to showcase their lineup and experience in the car making business (are you watching, Tesla?)

The fact that they used this opportunity to bring out their tractor, leak a new design and show up their competition shows that they are definitely ready to play this marketing game to get back some of the market share Tesla has been taking away.

Now, if they would fix the 200 mile range issue, we got a fair fight!

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