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Jeremy Clarkson Gives Worrying Update On Farm: “Everything Is Going Wrong Simultaneously”

Jeremy Clarkson has complained about his day of farming, explaining to his fans on Twitter that “everything is going wrong simultaneously.”

The Clarkson’s Farm presenter has been up against the wall plenty of times as he battled against locals, the council, and the government when it comes to his farm. His most recent loss was the rejection of plans to build a 60-seat restaurant where an unused lambing shed used to sit alongside a new car park to help relieve parking on the roads. Despite the public complaining about this, they and the council decided these plans would turn the area into a “Jeremy Clarkson theme park”.

But yesterday, Jeremy took to Twitter to update fans on the farm. He wrote:

“Some days in farming are very good fun. Today isn’t one of them. Everything is going wrong simultaneously.”

The Grand Tour presenter didn’t give much else away about his day, but a fan quickly responded with a tweet which pushed Jeremy to reveal that a lamb had been birthed that day. “Unless it’s something tragic like the passing of your favourite animal then my condolences,” the fan posted before Jeremy’s reply:

“Actually. At 5 this morning, there was the birth of a healthy calf.”

The presenter hasn’t given anything away on his Instagram either, but I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of what’s gone on on the farm as Series 2 of Clarkson’s Farm is released to Amazon Prime Video later this year.

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