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The Rolls Royce Can Tear Up A Backyard Rally Stage

When you think of a Rolls-Royce Phantom, you probably think of Simon Cowell or a banker wearing a monocle. Turns out, they’re quite a bit more capable than that.

In this video, noted mentalist YouTube channel TaxTheRich100 grabs a Phantom and sends it ripping up and down some nice dirt roads, spewing mud into the next county, its massive V12 spinning the wheels in vain under the driver’s lead foot. When the roads run out, they even resort to just chucking it straight across a field, resulting in what’s probably the longest protracted powerslide ever performed in a Rolls-Royce.

That’s not the only thing this particular channel has done in the interest of taking exotic cars far, far outside their comfort zone. They’ve also ripped burnouts with a Bugatti EB110, pulled a wakeboarder behind a Ferrari F50, and even skidded an F40 around a homemade track in the aptly named “Farmkhana.”

You can check out the rest of their superb channel here!

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