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Richard Hammond Takes a Thrilling Ride in Rimac’s Nevera

The Grand Tour co-presenter revisits the electric hypercar brand that nearly cost him his life six years ago.

In a heart-pounding twist of fate, Richard Hammond, best known as one of the hosts of “The Grand Tour,” recently found himself back behind the wheel of a Rimac electric hypercar, six long years after a harrowing accident that could have cost him his life. This time, Hammond took a spin in Rimac’s latest and fastest offering, the Nevera, proving that even the most terrifying experiences can’t keep a true petrolhead away from the thrill of high-speed adventures.

Key Takeaways:

  • Richard Hammond, co-presenter of “The Grand Tour,” recently drove Rimac’s Nevera, the latest electric hypercar from the Croatian manufacturer.
  • Hammond’s previous accident in a Rimac Concept 1 occurred in 2017 when he failed to release the accelerator pedal after crossing the finish line, resulting in a dramatic crash.
  • Despite initial nerves, Hammond praised the Nevera’s safety features and the Carbon Fiber monocoque shell that protected him during the accident.

Six years ago, Hammond’s life took a dramatic turn when he tumbled down a Swiss mountain in a Rimac Concept 1, a shocking incident that unfolded during the filming of “The Grand Tour.” The accident was a result of Hammond’s failure to take his foot off the accelerator pedal even after crossing the finish line in the 1877 HP electric beast. It was a terrifying ordeal that left fans and colleagues fearing the worst.

Fast forward to today, and Hammond is once again in the driver’s seat of a Rimac, this time in the company’s cutting-edge Nevera model. Despite his initial apprehension, he decided to give the electric hypercar another shot, with Rimac’s chief engineer and test driver by his side as a precautionary measure.

Although Hammond couldn’t push the Nevera to its limits on the Alpine test course, he couldn’t help but sing praises for the car’s remarkable safety features. He credited the Carbon Fiber monocoque shell for saving his life during the previous accident, as it allowed him to walk away unscathed despite the car rolling over multiple times down the hill. Even the door section remained intact, enabling a swift extraction from the vehicle.

In a candid and forthright moment captured in Drivertribe’s video, the presenter wholeheartedly assumed responsibility for the 2017 incident during The Grand Tour’s shoot in Hemberg. He openly disclosed:

“I’ve never tried to dodge the blame for the crash. I’ve always fessed up. It was me. My excuse is it was so crazily, addictively fast, and so drivable and exploitable.

“No amount of computer wizardry and technical genius can defy physics, or more specifically gravity when some lead-footed Muppet throws it off a Swiss mountain.”

A teaser clip from the upcoming show on Discovery+ showed Hammond attempting to test the Nevera’s straight-line acceleration, hinting at more adrenaline-pumping moments to come. This thrilling experience serves as a testament to the resilience of both Richard Hammond and Rimac’s Nevera, proving that even a near-death experience can’t extinguish the love for high-speed adventures.

In summary, Richard Hammond’s daring return to Rimac’s latest electric hypercar, the Nevera, showcases the enduring passion of a true petrolhead and the exceptional safety features of this cutting-edge vehicle.

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